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The second day of the biggest music festival in Slovakia - Pohoda 2009 (http://www.pohodafestival.sk/index.php?page=home&hl=en). Unfortunately, the weather spoiled it completely. Strong wind blew one large music tent away, several people were injured and one killed. I was there, too. Taking pictures and enjoying the music. This time I was lucky and nothing happened to me. The terrible moments can be seen at this video: http://www.cas.sk/clanok/124498/video-obetou-tragedie-na-pohode-je-muz-29-z-piestan.html

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Zive kvetyPeter Balik, Zive KvetyMichal Kascak announcing the storm is comingAMO concert in O2 tentUnited FlavourAMO concert in O2 tentAMO concert in O2 tentAMO concert in O2 tentUnited FlavourMagic girlAMO concert in O2 tent